Jet Fuel Price Jet A-1 AVGAS
$2.74 $ 6.25

Copeca Jet Center at TJBQ offers the best and quickest FBO services in the Caribbean at very competitive fuel prices. TJBQ is the southernmost US Point of Entry and has a 11,300 feet runway with a FAA tower. From here on your flight to the continental US is a domestic flight.

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TJBQ is a US Authorized Point of Entry. Our specialty is quick turns and our turn arounds average less than an hour.

Copeca maintains an excellent working relationship with Customs, Immigration and Airport Security to ensure that our clients receive a fast and friendly service. For our clients’


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We are authorized to fuel your plane at the US Customs Ramp. This enables us to respond immediately to your needs in order to provide fuel quickly, efficiently and safely. Our competitive fuel prices are guaranteed and our reputation for exceptionally quick fuel stops has made Copeca a favorite stop location.


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When you stop at Copeca Jet Center  location is everything and you’ll be minutes away from some of the world best bathing and surfing beaches as well as hotels, golf courses, shops and restaurants.


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